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Busting Common Myths around uPVC and Misconceptions

By: Saket Jain, Fenesta Building Systems (a unit of DCM Shriram Ltd.)

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) has become a go-to choice for builders, architects and homeowners lately. The material commonly used in building windows and doors is considered to be a superior alternative to other options like wood and steel due to several factors such as: Ease to install, low maintenance, extreme durability and other functional features.
Despite its vast acceptability in the market there are a lot of myths associated with uPVC that exist among people. Here’s a look at some of these myths and the real truth behind them:

Myth 1: uPVC require more maintenance and is not strong

Truth: uPVC is one of the most durable materials for windows and door available in the market today. The material has the capability to cope up with dry, hot and humid climate and can compensate for temperatures ranging from 10°C to plus 50°C. uPVC is also non-corrosive, thermite resistant and dust and sound proof, that makes it a preferred material of construction for builders and architects. Additionally, the raw materials used in uPVC are of highest quality which makes them sturdy and durable and can easily withstand harshest weather conditions.

Myth 2: uPVC is not UV ray and storm resistant

uPVC Windows and Doors
uPVC Windows and Doors

Truth: In tropical country like India where there’s harsh UV radiation for three quarters in a year, it becomes necessary to make sure that the windows and doors we install are UV resistant. uPVC fenestration solutions that have been formulated and designed with UV resistant material like Titanium Dioxide are effective against discoloration caused by UV rays. The UPVC frames provided by brands like Fenesta, are strengthened from within by steel reinforcements to provide a tough exterior to all frames and sashes. They are reinforced with a hurricane bar that can bear wind speeds up to 250 km/h.

Myth 3: uPVC is harmful for environment

Truth: It is one of the most common myth associated with uPVC. Many people consider uPVC bad for environment. Whereas, in actual it is one of the most eco-friendly materials available in the industry. uPVC is completely recyclable and many brands manufacture 100 per cent lead free uPVC profiles and incorporate environment friendly manufacturing process during the production process.

Myth 4: uPVC is an expensive option

Truth: uPVC are pocket friendly in comparison to many other materials available in the market if you see it in the longer run. Due to factors like—durability, versatility and robustness, uPVC is extremely high value option and lasts for years. uPVC also helps users to cut down on energy consumption due to its excellent insulation properties.

Myth 5: uPVC is not safe

Truth: uPVC is formulated with fire-retardant and is completely fire resistant. Other than this it offers features like multi point locking system, steel-reinforced bars and multi-chambered walls with excellent wall thickness. The windows and doors made with uPVC are also termite-proof and offer superior security to any space.

Without any doubt uPVC is the perfect material for your door and windows as it ticks mostly all options and factors that one looks for while installing doors and windows. If you are looking for best material don’t give in to the myths around uPVC rather go for the best options available in the market and give your homes a modern look with ensured durability and safety.

Saket Jain, Fenesta Building Systems (a unit of DCM Shriram Ltd.)

Business Head

Saket Jain heads the business unit at Fenesta, one of India’s leading companies providing windows and doors in India. Under his able leadership, Fenesta, a division of DCM Shriram Limited, has substantiated its competence with more than 3,50,000 windows and doors installation across homes, colleges, hospitals and hotels. Saket Jain joined DCM Shriram in 1999 and held various positions. He has immensely contributed to the business by streamlining the processes and expanding retail growth. His expertise, leadership skills, futuristic vision, great interpersonal skills, and guidance have paved a path of growth for every employee at Fenesta.

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