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Significant trends are emerging in the window and door industries. The new trend in the fenestration industry and the contemporary architectural solution is heavily involving aluminium envelopes, from façade to casement windows for residential projects. With the emerging trends, contractors, developers and building owners have to deal with various issues pre and post-construction. Some architects and manufacturers of aluminium windows and doors are monitoring the customers’ evolving tastes and have identified the following key trends that are expected to affect the building industry in the coming years.

Minimalist Trend

In recent years, the ‘minimalist’ trend has strongly affected the world of buildings. The architects are redefining the rules of urban planning by designing more and more slender buildings. Constructive

NP Supra Asia Handle

The design has become increasingly modern and daring. Large openings are in trend together with narrow profiles and stylish accessories with low aesthetic impact.
When it comes to windows, many are opting for large casement windows or direct-glaze options, offering unobstructed views. Others are seeking large sliding windows that feature unobstructed openings and wide open spaces.

Beyond expansive views, homeowners also desire a seamless transition between the homes’ inside and outside, making a dramatic connection with the outdoors. More people are seeking ways to integrate their open interiors with spacious exteriors and with this trend comes growing demand for larger windows and doors.


Interior designers are pushing more and more on customized hardware with better finishes, demanding hardware manufacturers for customized products along with better finishes, and flexibility in colours and materials. The colour rather than the shape is the new priority for specialists in interior design.

Offering a range of finishes wide and high quality, both in aesthetics and corrosion resistance, is a key requirement for door hardware manufacturers if they want to position themselves at the high end of the market. Corrosion resistance is an element that is very much in demand in the project specifications outlined by architects and consultants. They specify materials such as stainless steel and anodised aluminium, to prevent surface corrosion, pitting and areas of discolouration.


Among the different types of fenestration installed inside a house, the door requires a very high level of security and reliability all the time. A high-quality door is a door that once installed, should be forgotten.


The use of high-performance profiles and proof glasses leads to realise mobile sashes are increasingly heavy and require robust and reliable accessories.

Opened Sash

Aluminium is certainly the material that allows to best match the aesthetic needs of the market with the excellent mechanical and performance properties, typical of this material. The largest glass surface is associated with the highest performance, including thermal (low emission) and noise insulation. In the last few years, glass has become the most evolved technological material.
Glass has continuously been redefining the way we look at construction.

Aesthetically superior and functionally outstanding, there are multiple reasons why glass is driving the new wave in construction practices. As the focus is fast shifting towards faster and more sustainable construction, and new design principles demand flexibility in glass, its future is truly shining.


Stylish Concealed Hinge

The hardware installed on the aluminium windows and door (hinges, locks, handles, etc.) must satisfy higher-level requirements in terms of maximum achievable load, resistance to cyclic fatigue, corrosion resistance, burglar resistance and suitability for use on fire resistant doors, following the increasingly stringent requirements present in project specifications.
Wide range of components that are available in the market allows to choose the most appropriate, depending on the type of application and on the required performance.

Giesse NP Technology

Giesse has designed a technology to satisfy the new market and major player’s requirements (system houses, windows makers), who have to face the new and stricter regulations always. Giesse NP technology minimizes machining operations on the profile, making assembly quicker and simpler.

Giesse NP Technology
NP Supra Desingn

Thanks to their notably compact dimensions, all handles with the technology are installed without any need to machine the inside of the profile, which means profile sections can be streamlined and glazing surface areas can be increased. Giesse offer a complete range of engineered components for the fenestration systems which enhance the performance and utility of various systems when applied in doors, windows, curtainwalls, facades, etc. Their products are crucial to the quality of the final product and contribute to a safe, comfortable, no maintenance and stylish living as well as working environment.

The standard of the final products that they deliver reflects their commitment to quality of design, performance attributes and installation improvements that exceed regulatory requirements.
On 7th March 2016 Giesse became part of Schlegel International, global supplier of sealing systems based at Bologna, Italy. Customers are now offered the full range of Giesse accessories, together with Schlegel door and window seal components including watertight foam and brush weatherstrips, as well as extruded profiles:
Visit their site to find out about the full range of Giesse solutions:

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