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Key Elements to Consider while Selecting Hardware for Doors


Doors and door hardware ‘s have never received much attention during the design process of new or renovation projects. There are various companies that make door hardware ‘s. No one would not want to buy the best door hardware.

Beyond making certain that the selection meets minimum functionality and code requirements, more attention is usually paid to the look and finish of the door and its hardware than to how well they will function over time. If you don’t choose the best hardware then you will be putting your items & safety at the risk because thieves can easily access your premises. You need to know different types of door hardware ‘s and their uses.

Not that long ago, it was possible to get away with ignoring door hardware requirements. Doors hardware ‘s, and the functions they were expected to perform, were relatively simple. The biggest operational concern was keeping the doors work properly. Security concerns were limited to having a properly operating lock. Ignorance about locking the mechanism was the major problem while selecting hardware.

Today, the situation has changed and the doors hardware ‘s are no longer simple, low-cost components. They are now expected to perform more functions beyond simply looking good and locking, for example, safety requirements for building occupants and door hardware can no longer be taken for granted.

Hardware selection goes beyond simply matching components to the needs of the customer. It should also take into consideration the costs associated with maintenance after installation. Failure to consider maintenance requirements will result in spending too much time and money trying to keep them functioning as they are supposed to. Poorly or improperly functioning door hardware ‘s can easily compromise building security and the safety of the occupants.

Before one can even begin the door and door hardware selection process, it is important to consider the type of facility where the door is being installed. For example, doors installed in educational facilities will be subjected to an entirely different type and level of use than doors installed in a typical office or retail building. Residential use of doors has its own different purpose, the requirements varies for an entrance door to the balcony door to rear door.

Door Hardware - Door Locks
A Door gives Access to Safety & Security

Selection of hardware is also based on the style of the door. The major mistake committed by a user or selector of hardware at the time of selection is that they only check the aesthetic look of hardware instead of its functions. For example, for the balcony area, most of the people select sliding doors. But at the time of selecting lock & handle, if a person chooses automatic locking mechanism or push handle, it will be a big problem because while a person is on the balcony and closes the door, it will lock the door from inside automatically and the person will get stuck outside in the balcony. That is why it is very important to check all the details, including the door location and usage of the door before selecting or suggesting hardware.

Also, it is important to consider the weight and size of the door. One of the biggest mistakes involving door installation is the use of lightweight hardware on heavy weight or over   sized doors. Larger and heavier doors require stronger, heavier hardware. Undersized hardware will wear more quickly, resulting in misalignment of the door, difficult operation and security compromises.

Door Hardware - Sliding Folding Doors
Door-Hardware-is-Expected to Perform More Functions Beyond Simply Looking Good & Locking

An important factor that should be considered is the level of use that is expected for each door. A typical residential application might be subjected to no more than 20 cycles per day and have a service life of 30 years or more. A typical commercial application will be subjected to hundreds of cycles per day. If the mechanisms installed in the residential-style door goes in the commercial application, failure of performance comes on the way.

The other important hardware for doors is hinges. They too should be selected carefully based on the type of door like a hinge door for the entrance door. Quality of hinge plays a very important role in the door opening. For sliding or sliding folding doors installed in a balcony or rear area, rollers play a major role. Selection of roller and other internal accessories will define the performance of the door.

Door Hardware - Factors to Consider Important Factor should considered is The Level Of Use that Expected for Each Door

Environmental factors should also be considered while choosing hardware. Doors are constantly exposed to an extreme level of temperature, such as in coastal areas, the doors should have finishes and hardware that are highly resistant to corrosion. Without proper protective finishes, doors installed in this type of environment can fail in as little as five years. Door hardware ‘s that are not resistant to corrosion can stick and bind, making doors difficult to operate and eventually, damaging the door, the hardware, or both.

Another factor to consider while selecting the Door hardware ‘s is the maintenance of the hardware. Quick response to the maintenance requirements of door issues is essential because of the safety factor, it is necessary to stock a range of repair and replacement parts.

Be very careful when selecting your Door hardware ‘s as not all hardware ‘s are equal! With standardization, staff needs to take only a limited number of widely used items with them, reducing both response time and maintenance costs. But standardization does not mean that the same hardware components will be used on every door throughout the facility.

Selection Of Door Hardware Selection of Hardware is Based on The Style Of The Door, Its Purpose, Weight, Size & Height Of the Door

Different types of doors and different applications will have varying hardware requirements. Hardware will still have to be matched to the requirements of the particular application.

Before you choose door hardware, you should consider the warranty time. Some Door hardware ‘s have very limited warranties. There are companies (like McCoy 8m), which offers the best warranties in the industry. Warranty on hardware is very important as it gives confidence in the product. A warranty will prevent you from buying a fake item. Companies that sell their products with warranties are proven to have quality products.

When it comes to door & door hardware, it is about safety – safety of the people who live in the house or safety of the people who work in the premises. A door gives access to safety, so it is very important to select hardware based on all the above-said parameters.

Jignasa Suthar

Product Manager

Jignasa Pravinbhai Suthar has over 8 years of experience in the façade industry. She has closely worked with McCoy 8m hardware division for technical support since 2015. Currently, Jignasa Suthar is responsible for Product Manager in McCoy Soudal in Delhi/NCR. After completing her graduation from Sardar Patel University, Gujarat in 2007, she started her career in façade industry working as an estimator at Perfect Glaze (India) Pvt. Ltd. Later she worked at Reynaers Aluminium NV as a design engineer & estimator, and at Kawneer (an Alcoa company) as a technical support engineer. She has in-depth knowledge of window and door systems. After finishing her MBA in Marketing and HR from Gujarat University, she joined McCoy in 2015.

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