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Digital Fabrication & 3-D Printing will Change the Face of Façades

By: AR. ARTI GUGNANI, Vijay Gupta Architects

The world is changing rapidly and so are buildings and their façades. Building façades in turn are changing the way buildings look and function and also the way cities look. The architecture of façades is being driven by advancements in technology, heightened environmental consciousness and the pressing need for sustainable construction.

KCC Institute, Greater Noida
KCC Institute, Greater Noida

The Building façade is the most important element in controlling the carbon footprint as it is the primary contributor towards heat gain. The future might see a shift towards façade materials that reduce carbon footprints like clay bricks, natural stone, timber, bamboo and composite materials made using recycled products.

Alternately technology might be used to make smart façades that adapt to changing weather conditions and the movement of the sun and regulate solar heat gain and temperature. The heightened interest in biophilic design will surely see green façades and green roofs being used to create a calming environment.

Digital fabrication and 3-D printing will change the face of façades! The sky is the limit with these tools. Interactive façades based on LED technology, will transform buildings into giant billboards and create landmarks within cities. Energy-producing façades based on solar PV panels are already being used. The future might see façades equipped to capture wind energy.

AR. ARTI GUGNANI, Vijay Gupta Architects


Ar. Arti Gugnani is a Partner at Vijay Gupta Architects.

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