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Sudhakar Windows and Doors

Navodaya Educational Trust Educational Institution


Bangalore Protech collaborated with one of India’s leading architectural firms based in Bangalore, Gayathri & Namith Architects (GNA) to deliver to the Educational community a world class building which is the cutting edge of design.

To meet Navodaya Education Trust’s requirement that its state-of-the-art building be highly appealing and well as conform to the latest green building standards, The design for the facade was conceived keeping in mind the climatic conditions of Raichur which are hot and dry.

The aim was to achieve energy efficiency while maintaining the use of natural light and views that were integral to the design. The constraining parameters that were taken into account in the early design stage were:

  • Climate (solar radiation, outdoor temperature)
  • Site and obstructions of the building (latitude, daylight availability, atmospheric conditions, exterior obstructions, ground reflectance)
  • Use of the building (operating hours, occupant’s tasks)
  • Building and design regulations

The façade system for the building was conceptualized as a double skin façade consisting of a three dimension louver application positioned in front of the internal glass glazing that could provide protection from the sun as well as accentuate the design of the building. The louver system formed an independent façade without any support of the façade glazing. Thermal comfort and glare control along with low thermal transmission (U-Value) and low solar heat gain coefficient (G-Value) were Institution achieved using this façade system. It also ensured that the acoustic performance of the building was improved and less noise was transmitted to the interior of the building.

The individuality of the façade design was the key to high performance. It was necessary that the design process should be overall considering the façade as an integrated part of the building and detailed enough in order to determine all the parameters that lead to better performance.

Designed to provide a sense of peace and tranquility for the students inside, and to meet shade requirements, the material selection was of utmost importance. The material used for the louver application was FunderMax high pressure laminate – 0161 Light Afro décor from the Max Exterior Range of Decors. These panels were chosen because of their sturdiness and functionally due to their low thermal conductance and open ventilated system to provide utmost efficiency for the prevailing climatic condition. Each fitted panel was 2800 X 300 mm in length and width and was 6mm thick. The panels were placed at an angle of 54 degrees to the vertical and the spacing between the panels itself was kept at 250 mm.

Navodaya Educational Trust Educational Institution
Navodaya Educational Trust Educational Institution

Although the concept of Double Skin Façade is not new, there is a growing tendency from the architects to put it into practice. Its complexity and adaptability to different climatic conditions increase the need for careful design. Each Double Skin Façade has to be designed for a certain building location and façade orientation otherwise the performance of the system will not be satisfactory.

Elevation detail of Navodaya Educational Trust Educational Institution
Elevation detail of building

FunderMax HPL panels used as louvers allowed just enough natural light to enter the building without making the interiors too hot. These panels were cut and assembled in full size units beforehand to allow for fast on – site installation.

The mechanical component of the façade rests on the internal structure via MS plates. These MS plates were welded together and positioned in front of the internal glazing layer. The wooden panels were then placed on the MS plates and riveted.

As the design was innovative and different, it required both craftsmanship and engineering. The installation of the panels was a humongous task due to the high level of technical detailing involved. The maintenance of the degree of inclination of the fins and the inclination of the MS structure at a particular angle along with the sub structure throughout the building as per the design was herculean. Further getting an independent structure which is not connected to the structural glazing was an extraordinary task and at the same time to maintain the geometrical tolerance throughout the building for its sustainability was a feat in itself.


Project: Navodaya Educational Trust Educational Institution

Location: Raichur, Karnataka

Client: Navodaya Education Trust

Architect: Gayathri and Namith Architects

Materials used for façade: FunderMax HPL 0161 Light Afro Décor

Commencement Date: August 2012

Completion Date: February 2013

Area: 1100 sqm

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Sudhakar Windows and Doors

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