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“The Biggest Revolution Happening in the Industry is the Rightful Shift Towards Fire Safety”

By: Divyam Shah, Eurobond - Euro Panel Products Limited

The year 2022 was a fantastic year for the façade industry. With all the pent-up demand exploding, the industry saw a lot of growth in infrastructure projects, says Divyam Shah, Whole Time Director, Eurobond – Euro Panel Products Limited. As India industrialises faster, the country’s MSME sector will regain its vital role in the economy. As India grows from an economic size of a little less than USD 3 trillion to USD 5 trillion through this decade in line with the aspiration of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, we believe infrastructure and consequently, the façade industry will have a significant role to play.


3D Façade Wall made with Eurobond Terracotta
3D Façade Wall made with Eurobond Terracotta

The biggest revolution happening in the industry right now is the rightful shift towards fire safety. The top architects and façade consultants have completely shifted to fire retardant ACPs which is a necessity for high-rise façades. There’s a huge variety available in Fire Retardant Panels, right from the non-combustible Mineral core ACP to the lightweight EUROCOMB – Aluminium Honeycomb Panel. We’re hopeful that in the coming years, fire retardant façades will be a mandate in all high-rise and high-risk buildings, and that fire safety will occupy a central role right from the planning stage.

The industry is demanding a huge variety in façades with the new range of products. The Rainscreen System of installation of façades is picking up, and ventilated façades are on a rise. There’s also a huge wave of building sustainably, with the use of recyclable materials. There’s an upcoming new segment in the market for Zinc Composite Panels, a self-healing weathering wonder that mesmerises with its behaviour.


Eurobond launching Matte Clay and Midas Touch range
Eurobond launching Matte Clay and Midas Touch range

The design trends in the industry are totally moving towards finishes that best resemble nature, like stone, marble, wood, clay, terracotta, and earthen finishes that completely break the monotonous look of modern façades. He added that 2022 has been a record breaking year for Eurobond. “In FY22, we have achieved a staggering revenue growth of 52%. Due to our strategic clarity & execution capabilities, our net profitability has grown by 265%. All these are the indicators of successful execution of our strategies and business models”. With new launches in fire retardant panels as well as 22 new designs in the Earthen Hues range, Eurobond is constantly innovating and raising the bar in the industry.

Divyam also believes in the growing role that Eurobond plays in the movement of “Make in India, Make for the World”. The company has increased their export sales remarkably to 10 countries worldwide, and they only see this avenue growing in the coming years. Looking ahead, the ACP market is expected to continue experiencing strong growth as a result of India’s growing infrastructure.

Divyam Shah, Eurobond - Euro Panel Products Limited

Whole-time Director

Divyam Shah is the Whole-time Director of Eurobond - Euro Panel Products Limited

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