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Hydro Acquires Hueck


Hydro Building Systems, a major provider of innovative sustainable aluminium solutions for windows, doors and facades, acquired Hueck, a family-owned business and provider of aluminium systems and extruded aluminium profiles. The acquisition will reinforce Hydro Extrusions’ position in Europe and complement its footprint. It will strengthen Hydro Building Systems with its brand TECHNAL in India and South East Asia and other European markets, furthering its ability to provide a quality service offering to its customers with an even broader product range and innovative product offering. Hueck is headquartered in Lüdenscheid, Germany, and has 500 employees, two extrusion presses and an integrated cast house operation. Hueck is divided into two businesses: Hueck Extrusion and Hueck Systems.

Hueck Systems is mainly active in Germany, the largest segment of the European market for building systems, and has a 60 years track record of Left: The Hueck factory on the outskirts of Lüdenscheid. Right: The Hueck Systems office in Lüdenscheid. (Photo: Hueck) German engineering. It is specialized in creating solutions for windows, doors and facades for the building and construction industry, and has a distribution platform in its main location Lüdenscheid. Besides Germany, Hueck is active in Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, The Netherlands, the Czech Republic and the UK, but also in other markets through well-established partnerships.

The Hueck factory on the outskirts of Lüdenscheid
The Hueck factory on the outskirts of Lüdenscheid

Hydro Building Systems provides innovative sustainable aluminium solutions for windows, doors and facades, and sets industry-leading standards by working towards a fully circular economy. Their TECHNAL brand is developing and distributing advanced aluminium building systems for all types of buildings. With 3200 talents, Hydro Building Systems strive to add lasting value and develop a sustainable approach with new solutions, which contain at least 75 per cent recycled and 95 per cent recyclable material – reducing the material impact on a building’s lifecycle. “Together, Hueck and Hydro Building Systems brand TECHNAL as One Company will focus on sustainability, local presence and technical expertise.

With the acquisition of Hueck, our mission remains unchanged, we are fully committed to helping our customers realize new opportunities in the building and construction market. By having the best talents and a tenacious focus on their business and the quality of products we deliver, we will be the partner that our customers need to reach their goals,” says Senior Vice President Henri Gomez, who heads Hydro Building Systems. Completion of the transaction is subject to approval from competition authorities in Germany and Austria and is expected by end of the first quarter of 2023.

For more details on the product, contact:
Hydro BS India Private Limited
Contact: +91 80 46654010

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