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Innovative Wall Designs for House Construction


A sleek wall design, or a rustic appeal of a house front design can really boost the identity of your house in your street. Wondering what kind of wall design can give your house front design a value addition? Check out some wall solutions that might fit your need.

Green Wall Design

Green Wall Designs
Image by Manfred Rütsche from Pixabay

Green is in! And so is climate change. How can a simple house  wall or front  design respond to this situation? Well, your exteriors now not just have to be contemporary in nature, but also contribute towards environment friendly house construction. It can also give one a chance to have the green within tight spaces and bustling cities. Wall planters, vertical garden pots are a huge trend for exterior Green design. Other than that, climbers, small trees like bougainvillea can work for house construction.

Minimalist Wall Design

Minimalist Wall Design Image by Giovanni Gargiulo from Pixabay

The KISS principle, applies here in architecture as well. The mantra Keep it simple, silly can work very well for a house front design and is perfect for a modern contemporary simple house design.

Brick Wall Design

As the name suggests, a brick wall design is a simple, austere wall design which can be a part of both house construction and house front design. Not just that, one can work with different patterns, sizes, bonds and angles to create a fantastic, rustic appeal of the house exteriors. It can also give a pallet to work with for interiors and space design.

Rustic Wall Design

This house front wall can work out really well, if the materials are right chosen. This gives a house a very different rustic, yet natural style. Even more interesting, one can look for locally available materials or on site materials to make house construction more viable and sustainable.

Wall Design
 Brick | Rustic Wall Design

Image Source : fancycrave1 | marijana1 from Pixabay

Recycled Materials Wall Design

Lastly, the upcycling movement has been initiated for a lot of environment conscious designs. House construction and exterior design provides a smaller scale to try this out as an option. Many weird materials such as plastic bottles, tyres, cigarette butts or even broken and discarded tiles are being used for house construction and house front designs.

Nevertheless, all these ideas can make your house design look different yet as a catalyst for a bigger picture. Remember, that your house shall stay for long and so should the house front design.


Source: Good Homes | Modular Walls

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