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Choosing a garage door can be intimidating core, and with the sheer variety available, it can be difficult to know which is the best choice for you. Over the years, garage door technology has come on leaps and bounds, so today garage doors can offer the perfect balance of convenience, security, and aesthetic appeal that many homeowners are looking for. Contemporary garage doors as it often mixes elements of metal and glass add a modern element to the exterior. The straight lines of the doors ensure your house stands out. Metal garage doors are a functional and stylish way to elevate the look of an industrial-style home while the use of glass panels brings a new sophistication to the typical door that’s perfect for modern-design enthusiasts.

Here’s a quick rundown guide on garage door types and the installation process that helps you in choosing the best type of garage door that can upgrade the look of your home and boost its curb appeal.

Garage Door Types

Tilt-up canopy garage doors-


Tilt-up canopy garage doors are made of a single panel that slides up above the car when opened and tilts up into the garage ceiling. They are quick, easy to install, and have a reliable design that is popular in India.

Sectional Garage Door-


The sectional garage door is the most popular style of door you’ll see in residential neighborhoods as it’s easy to operate, not prone to problems, and inexpensive. A sectional is composed of horizontal panels connected by hinges and fitted with rollers that are rolled up along the garage ceiling. This type of garage door operates smoothly and quietly and are available in several materials, color, and finishes designed to match the garage door with most house styles. While these garage doors can be manually operated, they are best when connected to an electric opener as they can be made to measure to fit any door opening.

Roll-up Doors-


These types of garage doors do not extend across the ceiling but are rolled up just above the entrance like a window blind. Moreover, Roll-up Doors are the best solution for wide openings and are great for weather protection, as they can endure elements.

Roller Shutter doors-


Roller Garage doors are a signature style of door for both commercial and residential buildings. Similar to sectional doors, roller doors open vertically. They can be operated as either a manual or automatic garage door. Their compact design makes roller garage doors ideal for homes with short or narrow driveways. Roller Shutter doors are extremely secure, durable, rust-free, and can withstand heavy usage. Therefore, these types of garage doors are a little more expensive than other types.



Side-hinged garage doors operate like any standard swing outdoor and are manufactured in timber, steel, Upvc, and GRP (glass reinforced polyester). Side Hinged garage doors are operated manually, but there are limited options that allow them to be automated. Side-hinged doors are often made from wood to resemble barn-style doors which boast a quaint, traditional vibe. The garage door installation can be simpler, and custom-made as you can buy them pre-hung in a frame or as they are to fit an existing opening.

Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Designs

Most garage doors are automatically operated with a manual backup and can last up to 15 years. Keypads, remotes, and smart technology are considered part of the system, but the options you have access to will depend on the opener that you choose for your garage door.

Professional Installation

The installation of a garage door can be a big job as there are lots of moving parts that have to align just right for the door to function properly. For this, you might need an insured installer or garage door company that knows what they’re doing. These experts are able to explain door styles, finishes, and materials as well as insulation options, check your current opener and springs, help you evaluate the correct choice, and look for elements that will complement the house design.


Writer Credit: Ar. Jahnavi Malhotra

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