With the continual growth in the real estate sector, the façade and fenestration industry seems to have marked relentless advancements throughout. The industry is witnessing a significant shift in the country as the real estate sector shapes itself with the growth in the economy.

It’s noteworthy that the façade and fenestration industry isn’t just restricted to Tier I and Tier II cities but has started to expand its base in tier III cities where people are cultivating interest in developing an aesthetic sense for their houses.

According to a report by IMARC Group, the Indian façade market reached a value of US$ 2424.4 million in 2021 and is expected to reach US$3,930.4 million by 2027.

No wonder the last decade has presented a significant transformational graph when it comes to the introduction of game-changing technologies and modern materials used for façade design and construction.

Future Façade and Fenestration

Dev Chandwani
Dev Chandwani
Business Development Director, Deceuninck Profiles India Private

One of the biggest reasons why the façade and fenestration are gaining momentum is energy efficiency. The rapidly growing energy needs alongside the depleting natural resources have been an alarming situation for the world. And the façade and fenestration play a significant role in utilising the energy efficiently and hence, contributing towards the energy conservation of buildings.

Today’s Architects are looking for the next step after Net Zero. Basic concept of Net Zero = Produce as much Energy as needed by the Home. We saw a phase of buildings / homes with Roof top Solar Panels, Solar Water heaters to reduce energy consumption, High performance windows to control the energy losses.

Let’s herald the era of Passive Housing – Insulated walls, more air tight windows and energy efficient ventilation systems. Simply put windows with Uw <1 W/m2K. Is it possible?

Deceuninck’s Legend Casement window & door profiles are built with one of it’s kind 6 chamber systems that offer excellent thermal insulation. Check out the passive house database for more details. https://database.passivehouse.com/en/components/details/window/ege-profil-ticve-san-as-trading-as-deceuninck-tr-legend-1828wi04

Now Indian homes can adopt European technology and become as energy efficient as their counter parts in Europe.

Innovation in materials & technologies

The innovation in façade and fenestration materials and technologies has kept evolving with time. Based on the perspective & experiments of designers out there, the outlook of the façade and fenestration frames and patterns keeps changing. Any type of material can be chosen depending upon how one wants to make the building look. These materials may include uPVC, copper, steel, glass aluminum and more. uPVC is a low-maintenance building material with the latest innovative technology. uPVC materials are long-lasting, rigid, chemical resistant, and offer great sound, heat insulation and recyclable. With its vast experience of over 83 years of history of producing high-quality systems, Deceuninck is a true specialist in compound technology, design, development, extrusion, finishing, and recycling.

About Deceuninck

Deceuninck, a Belgium-based company established in 1937, is currently the world’s #2 manufacturer of UPVC profiles for Doors and Windows. Deceuninck continually develops innovative products to offer its customers the best-in-class uPVC windows and doors systems such as casement, shutter, sliding systems, and more.

Deceuninck in India is one of the fastest-growing UPVC Profile companies with more than 45 authorized and certified channel partners making high-quality Upvc windows & doors.

With its core value of Innovation – Ecology – Design, Deceuninck engages in manufacturing activities to build “a more live-able world,” drawing from its sustainable business model. Providing a maximum level of energy efficiency and sound insulation due to higher wall thickness, increased number of chambers, and superior TPE gasket seals are the key USPs of all Deceuninck products. The tropical mix profiles extruded as per EN 12608 make it suitable for severe climatic conditions with proper certification.

Visit our website www.deceuninck.in to know more about our products.

Source of data : https://www.imarcgroup.com/india-facade-market

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