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Urban Life in Rural Background Life Style Project, Kolhapur

By: Sunil Patil, Sunil Patil & Associates

Kolhapur is an urban town in a predominately rural area. Citizens are mainly from a rural background, hence like living close to nature. They prefer bungalows to apartments. But the constraint on the horizontal growth of the city due to its geographical location promotes vertical development in terms of apartments. In this project, one can get the feel of a bungalow in the apartment due to large terraces for living areas as well as private domains like bedrooms.

Cultural and Climatic Response

Life Style Apartment building design
The distance between the two buildings is maintained in such a way that all the apartment achieves privacy and yet all of them have a visual connection with landscape areas between the two buildings

The apartment is designed in such a way that it compensates the urge for an individual bungalow. The large terrace opening into a large common green zone that creates a transition space between indoor and outdoor. These are very important spaces climatically and culturally. In the Indian context, these semi-open outdoor areas cater to many outdoor activities and also help in controlling indoor environment.

Design Concept – Façade, Fenestration and Fabrication

Lavish Apartment designThe project is designed with the vernacular and contemporary style of architecture. The style of architecture creates continuity through the housing with white bands yet each building gets individuality with different colours The various colours have been used with a grey base, again creating a backdrop for the scheme. The white bands are designed in such a way that the band wraps the building and shades the facades and openings. The pergola on the top is a very dynamic feature of the project creating shaded terraces and at the same time generating a different pattern on the façade.

Full-height openings create an effect of freestanding walls, creating very modern yet cost-effective architecture considering that this is a developer’s project. The glass railing helps in maintaining the simplicity yet elegance of the project. Overall this project suits the modern lifestyle of people and still keeps the vernacular ethos intact and compensates for the urge to own a bungalow.

Green Features

Climate-responsive architecture

Ample daylight and cross ventilation for each apartment – common areas naturally ventilated

Double height terraces and landscape as micro-climatic modifier

Horizontal white bands at each slab level projecting over openings to protect from solar radiation

Light and Ventilation

Lifestyle Apartments Kolhapur
The apartment is designed in such a way that it compensates the urge for an individual bungalow

Though it is a group housing project, each apartment is designed with large shaded openings allowing ample natural light and ventilation. Each flat has three sides open and hence enjoy the luxury of having minimum two windows on opposite walls in each room which provides cross ventilation throughout the year, maintaining the thermal comfort.

All the openings are recessed and well-shaded with projected white bands at each slab level -the main feature of façade treatment. This allows only diffused light and avoids harsh solar radiation – again achieving thermal comfort and creating a comfortable indoor environment. Also cutting down the cost of shading devices like chajjas or louvers and gives the building a coherent look. All the common areas like lobbies and staircases are well lit and ventilated reducing the energy demand in the project.


Site Development

Lifestyle Apartments Kolhapur India
All the openings are recessed and well shaded with projected white bands at each slab level – the main feature of façade treatment

The distance between the two buildings is maintained in such a way that all the apartment achieves privacy and yet all of them have a visual connection with landscape areas between the two buildings. These open spaces between two buildings are designed with soft and hard landscape creating interaction areas for young and adult both. The clubhouse is designed towards the sewage with a large amphitheater, multipurpose hall, playground, lounge, etc. These are common facilities for people and have well-designed landscapes.


Project: LifeStyle
Client: Bhima Builders
Location: Kolhapur
Architects: Sunil Patil and Associates
Interior Designer: Sunil Patil and Associates
Landscape Designers: Sunil Patil and Associates
Structural Consultants: Dr. A.B. Kulkarni & Associates
Civil Contractors: Bhima Builders & Developers
Photo Credits: Sanjay Chougule
Site Area: 5025.90 sq m
Built-Up Area: 7192.19 sq m
Cost: 10 crore
Project Team: Ar. Sunil Patil | Ar. Anuja Pandit | Er. Sanjay Patil

Sunil Patil, Sunil Patil & Associates


Graduated from Kolhapur, Architect Sunil Patil started his practice in 1994 as Sunil Patil and Associates (SPA) and since then has designed numerous versatile projects including residential and commercial complexes, industrial buildings, institutional blocks, public utility places, etc. SPA is dedicated to environment-friendly sustainable architecture and to bring the client's dreams and aspirations into reality. The firm is known for its innovative use of materials. SPA’s creative designs are complemented by prompt and quality project management. They approach the designs from different perspectives which enable them to innovate, make optimal use of the space by blending together two core necessities of a world-class designs; creativity and modern technology.

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