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“Cladding Materials Should Have Resistance to Environmental Influence”


What are Your Views on the Growing Demand of Glass in Building Envelope?

DAMAC Towers Glass Work
DAMAC Towers by Paramount Hotels & Resorts Dubai is clad by a Variety of Guardian Glass Coated Solutions, Helping Achieve Complex Aesthetic and Performance Requirements

We are seeing more buildings with bigger windows, larger window to wall ratios and generally bigger window panels. This is because architects realise the benefit of placing importance on the wellness of the inhabitants, and how wellness is achieved by having a building with more outside vision than a building with closed box walls.

With the continuous development of new glass products and innovations in glass, we are able to create a lot more options for architects to realise their vision with glass and make bolder statements in their designs, all the while meeting increasingly more stringent building codes.

What Should be the Choice of Glass for Windows for Effective Fenestration?

The specified glass should be defined in terms of performance, transparency, colour, reflectance, heat and light transmission, in order for inhabitants to feel enveloped by the surroundings. For effective fenestration, an experience of total integration is the key, and the right glass assists in achieving that. Please brief on limitations of having complete glass walls, considering UAE climatic conditions.

Would you Combine Glass with Other Cladding Material for Better Performance and Why?

It really depends on the architect’s vision. We have product options to overcome any climatic condition, and we have other options for combinations. Glass experts are continuously changing the way the world experiences glass.

We strive to create solutions that are positive for people and the planet, and thus, some of our premium high selectivity and low-e glass products are especially tuned for performance, helping architects achieve their vision with climatic conditions as a non-obstacle.

What are Your Views on the Use of Glass for Contemporary Façade & Fenestration?

The opportunities to push the boundaries of design have never been greater. We make it a priority to listen to customers, identify trends and challenge conventional wisdom to build trusted products in one of the world’s most important industries. In contemporary fenestration, the right glass helps make any design vision possible, no matter how unusual or contemporary it is.

Natural light is beneficial and is necessary, the heat energy inside the building has to be managed especially during summer.

What are the Factors Affecting Solar Heat Gain?
Do Share Your Views on Light and Heat Management in Buildings with Glass Façades.

Architects and building owners want high performance coated glass products that deliver abundant natural light combined with energy savings and solar protection. Multi-functional glass coatings offer high selectivity solar protection on a neutral looking glass for a wide range of applications such as fully glazed façades, roof glazing and large framed windows. This helps minimising the need for artificial lights, while offering excellent solar protection combined with outstanding thermal insulation.

Please Elaborate on Performance of Glass in Acoustic Insulation.

Acoustic performance is measured in improved sound reduction performance to control environmental noise. A combination of double glazing and PVB lamination helps increase the acoustic insulation quality of glass.

Considering Glass as a Material in Demand for Façades, What Should be the Next in Building Intelligent Futuristic Façades?

The future of glass façades depends on technology and architectural visions, and it is up to glass experts around the world to constantly innovate and keep up with the demand of society and architects, and lead in an innovative way.

We are always searching for what the future façade will look like, and a better viewing experience without sacrificing light or heat transmission is seeing a rise in demand. Consequently, new innovations like low-iron glass provide a truly crisp and brilliantly neutral appearance, making it the perfect choice for

residential, architectural and specialty applications that really want to take a big step into the future.

Generally speaking, better optical clarity and thermal insulation are the two key items in future glass innovations.

Have We Cracked the Need for Energy-Efficient Glass, the one Suitable for Local Conditions? Your take on this? Can Glass as a Façade Material be Matched to the Need for Carbon-Neutral Buildings with Eco-Friendly Features?

Glass experts always look for ways to help architects on reducing a development’s carbon footprint and earning LEED points by innovating coated solutions that fulfill the requirements of the most demanding architects, providing a striking appearance to their projects while delivering comfort, functionality and energy savings.


What is the Awareness Level of Consumers on the Terms such as Solar Shading, Double-Skin Façades and Ventilated Façades?

At the moment, there is a lot of room for educating glass enthusiasts ranging from engineering or architecture students in universities, to homeowners, and all the way to glass processors and seasoned architects alike.

Guardian Glass is dedicated to being the accessible glass expert in the region, allowing our audiences to make better decisions and realise the full potential of glass. With our architectural glass workshops, we offer architects, processors and other interested parties insights on glass production and processing as well as a general overview of glass basics, products and their applications.

Has the UAE Fire & Life Safety Code of Practice- 2018 Affected Your Work?

We fully support the UAE’s initiatives and continued dedication to ensuring the highest standards of safety and environmental practices. These have been and will remain our utmost priority.

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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