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“Through 2025, Window Demand in India is Anticipated to Expand at 11% Annually”

By: Allen Chen, Kin Long Hardware India Pvt. Ltd. and Kinlong Group


The door and window market continues to develop and improve. The door and window industry has entered the era of brand marketing, which is an effective tool for corporate competition and a carrier for realising corporate value. This year, the door and window industry has been fighting a price war, showing an intensified trend, and even a rare low price.

Single vertical cable façade with spider fittings
Single vertical cable façade with spider fittings

The commercial and residential sectors offer prospects for growth in the global door and window industry. With a CAGR of 3.8% from 2016 to 2021, the worldwide door window market shipments were predicted which reached $231.3 million in 2021. According to a survey by Lucintel, the global door window market is anticipated to expand between 2022 and 2027 at a CAGR of 4.9% and $308 million in value and volume.

Through 2025, window demand in India is anticipated to expand at the quickest rate of any significant market, at 11% annually. Growth will emerge from a weak base in 2020 brought on by the epidemic, the Russia-Ukraine war and Inflation in raw material prices. However new construction, renovation, and rising consumer expenditure on home improvement are the main growth factors for this market.


Ultra-low-energy buildings are an important trend in the development of energy-saving buildings. The energy lost by doors and windows accounts for 45%-50% of the energy consumption of buildings every year, approximately 1/4 of the building’s energy consumption. Therefore, the thermal performance of the external window is the major factor for energy saving of the structure. Environmental protection and energy-saving doors and windows have great potential for development. At the same time, the competition in the domestic and foreign door and window markets has intensified.

How to reduce the energy consumption of doors and windows and improving the thermal insulation performance is an important opportunity for current door and window manufacturers to meet market demand and improve the technical level and brand influence of the overall domestic door and window industry.

Installation of wind responsive façade
Installation of wind responsive façade

This depends on thermal insulation performance and air-tightness, it can be characterised by the heat transfer coefficient, which mainly depends on the glass and profile configuration design. The installation will also have a certain impact. Another trend in curtain walls is dynamic façades and cable net façades. The single-layer cable-net glass curtain wall has the characteristics of simplicity and transparency.

The cable curtain wall is a wind-sensitive structure. In particular, the single-layer cable net and single-cable supporting structure have low stiffness and low natural vibration frequency, and are very sensitive to wind load.

The façades of modern architecture are differentiated into “dynamic” and “static” based on the use of material and technology within a given set of constraints and requirements. The objective of dynamic/responsive façades is to aid in the advancement of energy saving and responsive architecture; this façade has evolved over time with engineering solutions and R&D.

The dynamic façades serve as filters between the inside and outside, making it easier for people to have the right amount of shade, sunlight, air, and visual contact with the outside envelope in motion.

Allen Chen, Kin Long Hardware India Pvt. Ltd. and Kinlong Group

Managing Director and General Manager

Allen Chen is a General Manager of Kinlong Group and is also a Managing Director for Kinlong Hardware (I) Pvt Ltd. He is a leader with Growth, a successful and quality delivery mindset, a responsible leader, and believes in a sustainable future, learning and giving back to society at large. He is also very familiar with sales and marketing activities to achieve corporate revenue goals. Allen Chen has 20+ years of rich experience in the construction hardware Industry. He is typically responsible for India sales and for creating a high-performance and successful sales team. He is accountable for improving efficiency and increasing departmental profits while managing the company’s overall operations in India.

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