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Michael Schumacher World Tower Gurgaon, India


The Michael Schumacher World Champion Tower, Gurgaon was designed with racing, and more particularly Formula 1 as a strong inspiration and influence. The overall building form was designed with the aerodynamic curves and cutting edge features of a racing car, wrapped in a 3-dimensional metallic ‘ribbon’ which is reminiscent of the curves and chicanes of the many racetracks that Schumacher mastered. This striking emblem becomes a link between the two parcels of land divided by the road, physically joining tower with clubhouse, drop-off, Schumacher Museum and EWS.

The Tower has other unusual features such as a cantilevered helicopter platform on the north side of the building, and a glass dome at the top of the building, inspired by the form of the Formula 1 cars raced by Michael Schumacher.

The development includes a museum and cafe dedicated to Michael Schumacher, showcasing his legendary motor racing career which is ongoing.

The MSWC Tower will have a maximum height of 99.5 m and will include a number of distinct types of luxury apartments, ranging from 2BHK to 5BHK apartments. The Tower will also accommodate large and luxurious duplex and triplex penthouses. The curved decks and terraces which provide a multitude of entertainment spaces, follow the sleek aerodynamic form of the building, whilst internally the apartments are quite regular in form, in keeping with the expectations of the high end residential sector. Floor to ceiling glass at each level ensure panoramic views for all apartments, with an abundance of natural light. The overhanging slabs at each floor level generate superb terraces all around the tower, providing natural shading and minimizing solar gain.


Large ‘slots’ on 3 sides of the building let natural light and air penetrate deep into the centre of the building. Translucent louvers will ensure privacy to all accommodation facing the light wells, whilst allowing natural light to pass into the units. Sustainability will be one of the key drivers of the development, which will embrace sustainable principles and maximize the potential of the site in terms of cross ventilation, rainwater collection and use of local and recyclable materials. The project will seek to achieve LEED certification for the overall development.

Like Michael Schumacher’s Formula 1 car, all apartments will be enabled to provide the latest high-tech facilities including full home-automation systems, allowing for total climate and mood control, ease of use and flexibility.

Below are several façade and fenestration focused sustainable innovations of the Michael Schumacher World Tower design:

  • Floor to ceiling glass at all levels optimises views and natural light. Maximising natural light reduces use of artificial lighting and improves occupant health.
  • Regular modulated glass façade panels have been design to help minimise the construction costs. Only four variations to the standard façade module exist, with a handful of ‘customised’ pieces where the modules simply cannot work due to the sculptural quality of the tower
  • Overhanging terraces on all floors provide shading and minimises direct sunlight penetration and internal solar gain. This reduces air conditioning load whilst also providing ample exterior space for each unit. The continuous terraces cantilever from the internal concrete structure, and allow for a smooth shape.
  • Although there is no “typical floor”, where each floor plate is unique, a series of setting out points allows for simplified construction techniques.
  • Operable window shades, fenestrations and doors allow for flexibility to control shading, privacy and natural ventilation.
  • To visually conceal the vents in the floor-to-ceiling glazing, curved tubular metal louvers continue along the top of the façade around each unit. This innovation provides a cost effective measure for concealing and protecting fenestrations.
  • Building ‘cut-outs’ provide deeper floor-plate light penetration, and provide concealed areas for utilities.
  • Rainwater is captured and recycled on site for use in irrigation and non-potable water systems.
  • Large areas of green space and landscape reduce the ‘urban heat-island effect’, thus cooling the environmental temperature around the building.

Quick Facts

Project: Michael Schumacher World Tower
Location: Sector 109 Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Client: Homestead Infrastructure Development Pvt. Ltd.
Architect: UHA London
Collaborating Architect: Design Forum International
Structure (International): Halvorson and Partners
Structure (Local): NNC Consultants India
MEP: VS Kukreja and Associates
Façade: Axis Façade
Lighting: Lighting Design Partnership International
Materials Used for Façade:
External Glazing – Semi-unitised floor to ceiling insulated glazing unit; Ribbon –
architectural metal mesh; Cantilevered Balconies (which also act as shading) – concrete
rendered in plaster finish; Render treated with anti-carbonation paint.
Commencement Date: Summer 2013
Completion Date: Under-construction
Area: 32,790 Sq m FAR + Parking
Height: 99.5 m (29 floors)

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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