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More Than Just A Façade


High glass fronts panels and façades made of perforated aluminum sheets characterize the architecture of Audi showrooms around the world, thereby providing two important benefits: aesthetics and dynamism.

Aluminum can be creatively formed into the most diverse shapes and exert a very particular technical fascination. In addition, the cladding on a façade protects the building from wind and weather and at the same time significantly reduces noise levels inside. For Audi there is yet another reason; as a pioneer in using aluminum in automotive manufacturing, Audi features the light metal with its matt silver sheen in its brand communications, which today encompasses the look and design of the showroom.

Product Specifications:

Project DetailsAlloy: Aluminum coil Aleris 55HX®(EN 5005-H14 EQ)
Dimensions: 1.460 x 2 mm
Product benefits:
– Streak-free anodizing
– Constant coloring (guaranteed color integrity)
– Outstanding flatness
– Very good shaping and folding properties
– Weather, corrosion and UV resistant after anodizing
– Robust and scratchproof

Applications: Facades, paneling, ceilings, walls and roofs

The Audi Showroom with elegant perforated façade. Perforated Sheets in Aleris 55HX® aluminium provide unique brand experience.

Audi is particularly demanding when it comes to the color of the finished façade elements. “There cannot be even the slightest variance across the entire façade of an Audi terminal,” explains Hans- Ulrich Koch, Managing Director of Dillinger Fabrik Gelochter Bleche GmbH (DF). “So every single element must precisely match the required hue.”

Aleris provides this high-level uniformity across different batches. 55HX® can be easily shaped, giving architects and designers the chance to create objects in various styles with a unique visual impact. “Aleris 55HX® is the perfect starting point, especially for subsequent decorative anodizing,” Hans- Ulrich Koch adds, “55HX® offered us a technically irresistible proposition and outstanding value.”

Quick Facts

Project: Audi Terminal
Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
Client: Audi AG
Principal designer: Allmann Sattler Wappner,
Plot size: 2400 Sq m
Other processing partner: Dillinger Fabrik GmbH
Materials Used for Façade: Aleris 55HX® perforated, Aleris 55HX® aluminum coil in 2 mm thickness, anodised aluminium sheets with folded edges
Further processing: Cutting to size, perforating, flattening, folding several
times, partial sawing and finally natural batch anodizing
Concept Audi terminal: Allmann Sattler Wappner, Munich


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