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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

New Age Products from Saint-Gobain


Saint Gobain ’s new offerings – SGG Equinox and SGG Quartz make glass more than just an aesthetically appealing building material.

SGG Equinox | Building Glass from Saint Gobain

SGG Equinox provides the twin benefits of optimum light transmission for tropical conditions and excellent thermal comfort across all seasons. The product is inspired by the Equinox, which happens twice a year when the duration of the day and night are approximately equal across the globe. In a tropical country like India, there is an ample amount of daylight for almost 10 months a year which causes visual discomfort to the occupants. Hence there is a need to optimise the light entering the building to avoid glare. Buildings with poor insulation allow more heat inside during sunny days and dissipate more heat to the atmosphere during winter due to differential temperature. Also longer days mean more light and longer nights equate to less light; both tend to have a negative impact on the habitat. Shorter days shorten the amount of time spent on outdoor activities, weakens the ability to learn and process information and results in lesser productivity at work. On the other hand, longer days release excess melatonin hormone, which causes sleep deprivation and disturbs the sleep cycle. SGG Equinox was hence developed to counter all these issues and ensure the ideal combination of optimum light and thermal comfort for wellbeing. It can be used in any place that demands optimum light with thermal comfort; it is particularly suitable for façades, skylights and buildings with high WWR.

SGG Quartz Range of Glass

SGG Quartz is a new range of neutral shaded glass from Saint-Gobain. In the world of architecture, subtlety has a way of finding a place for itself. SGG Quartz is one such ode to the neutral look, transforming buildings into elegant edifices. Clothed in neutral, it underlines the power of the elements where less is more. Today, there is an increasing demand for neutral-shaded façades as they emanate a soothing appearance. There is a need for colours that do not appear garish, but leave a lasting impact. SGG Quartz is a top-of-the-line product that is expressive and enigmatic all at once. A high-performance glass, it also delivers the desired design intent. Aesthetics aside, it is a premium glass that ensures optimum daylighting and superior heat cut for enhanced comfort. It comes with a double-layered silver coating that blocks out UV & infrared radiations for maximum comfort and safety. It can be used as it is or mixed and matched because it is a shade of glass that will truly stand out with its sheer subtlety.

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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