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Sky View at United Arab Emirates


The Address Residence Sky View is a hotel and residence, having twin-tower complex of about height 230m, located in Downtown Dubai and is scheduled to be completed by the end of May 2019. It is already rising to form an essential part of the Dubai skyline. Its unique design with a distinctive façade and a jaw-dropping “Sky Deck”, created by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (the architecture firm behind Burj Khalifa), combined with luxury amenities, and a refined elegant interior design, lay the foundation for an exceptional hotel experience, as well residences and services apartment.

The façade consultants of Sky View are Koltay Façades that won the “Specialist Consulting Company of the Year” prize for 2018 in the Middle East Consultant Awards. Folcra was the façade contractor managed by Arq. Sergi Castel and his team. The deck not only serves as a 3-level link between both towers, but also offers an open space with an infinity pool, restaurant, bar, and more. Both towers have underground links to the Dubai Metro and to The Dubai Mall (one of the world’s largest shopping malls). The development has a unique view, with the Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building) on one side, and the Arabian Gulf on the other.

Facade Solution: Effisus Eco-Facade To Protect The “Twin Sentinals”

Effisus Consulting UAE Project Detail
Effisus consulting – project detail

Effisus Eco-Facade is a system for facade waterproofing that protects the building interior from water, wind, air, moisture and vapour improving their energy efficiency. It can be fully customised according to each specific project and offers UV and temperature resistance. Through customisation, the system’s ease and speed of application is increased, the possibility of errors during installation is reduced and waste materials are minified. The system protects buildings’ facade connections, and consequently its entire inner-shell, from the action of atmospheric agents and their consequences. It ensures both water, vapour and air tightness, whilst also maximising energy efficiency.

Advantages Of Detailing : New Challenge On Facade Building Construction

The façade industry construction in the last years has evolved immensely in terms of complexity and modern technology. This fact leveled up the scenario of possibilities and geometries, which are only feasible with a professional, accurate and detailed design. In the end, it becomes a tremendous challenge. If all the project elements were studied in detail, the advantages would be immeasurable and we could predict and solve any air, water and vapour issue in advance at drawing board. As following:

Interior Design of Sky View Residences UAE The Address Residence Sky View (UAE) – Interior

Predict a weather sealing difficulty between interfaces, curtain wall fixings, steel joints, façade perforations, rainscreen cladding fixing and its irregular shapes.

Effisus Ecofacade & Effisus Bonding Weatherproofing Facade Solutions
Effisus Ecofaçade and Effisus Bonding KF+P adhesive – Façade connections weatherproofing solutions

Define the exact product/solution for each location where all the project constraints were taken into consideration.

Predict compatibility problems between different materials.

Guarantee the design performance and extending the building life span.

Increase the off-site fabrication works.

Turns the application clearer for all the parties.

Highlight the most difficult works that require special attention, allowing for the production of detail project documents

Usually, Effisus is deeply involved on project design & project execution, as following:

Concept Design

Sky View Tower Sealing by Effisus Ecofacade Solution The chosen solution for sealing the towers’ façade connections was Effisus Ecofaçade

Effisus Double Side Sealing Tape
Effisus 2BOND GO – multifunction double sided Butyl-based sealing tape

Initially all the project requirements, concept drawings and specifications are collected and studied in detail. Also, at this stage, the project goal is defined in terms of weatherproofing design: wind, water, vapour and air permeance, fire, etc.

Later, all the project interfaces between Aluminium, concrete slabs, rain screen cladding and curtain wall are reviewed in detail. It is pointed out on a list of materials involved on these locations for further compatibility technical assessment. At this stage, meetings and conference calls are done in order to clearly understand the projects.

Afterward, it is presented to the client as the concept design with alternative options for the main products. In parallel, a comparison chart is made to highlight the pros/cons of each solution.

Detail Design

Address Residence Sky View - Exterior detail The Address Residence Sky View – Exterior detail

Compatibility tests (adhesion, cohesion and climate chamber).

Accessories are designed in detail (adhesives, sealants, water sealing air and vapour tapes, façade perforations sealing solution, etc.).

All the detailed design is shared, discussed and approved in detail between façade applicator, main contractor, architect and Effisus design/production.

Burj Khalifa District Dubai UAE
The Address Residence Sky View located in Downtown Dubai uses Effisus Ecofaçade, a system for waterproofing façade connections

Setting out the project execution:

  • Project Method Statements – Method of Installation
  • Project Specifications
  • Project Documents for Site Training
  • All the aspects related to delivery schedule, site conditions (application temperatures, humidity, rain, wind, etc.) are taken into consideration.

Technical site training and inspection are carried out in order to confirm that the detail design is well applied.

In conclusion, detailing has became very essential nowadays and it turns the process less costly and within the project time frame.

Project: Address Residences Sky View
Location: 140 Sheikh Zayed Road, Burj Khalifa District – Dubai
Client: Emaar Properties, Dubai
Architect: Design: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP + Architect of Record: NORR Group Consultants International Limited
Façade Contractor: Folcra
Structural Engineer: Design – NORR Group Consultants International Limited
Damping: GERB Vibration Control Systems, Inc
Façade: Koltay Façades
Materials used for Façade & Fenestration: Effisus Ecofaçade and Effisus 2Bond GO
Commencement Date: 2014
Completion Date: May 2019
Area: 290,000 m2

Miguel Silva

Technical Manager

Miguel Silva is the facade Technical Manager at Effisus - excellence in weatherproofing solutions. He has a relevant past experience of more than 15 years in construction industry. Currently, Miguel Silva is responsible for facade project design product development and project management at Effisus. Effisus provides excellence in facade weatherproofing solutions for the building envelope construction segment, maximising the building performance and its long term lifetime. Effisus solutions have a key focus on optimising the needs of each project, supported by extensive consulting services, offering a wide range of solutions and systems for roofs and facades. The production is based in the USA and Europe, having the main technical and commercial departments located in Europe. There are several logistics and sales units in Africa, Europe and Middle East.

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