Ozone, the leading player in the architectural hardware industry, recently introduced twisted spider fittings for glass façades. The curvilinear twisted design element with PSS finish adds the magical look to the product. They
are available in 4 way and 2 way spiders with fin type for the glass to glass and glass to wall / ceiling application. The curvilinear design reduces stress concentration at transition points, hence twisted spiders have higher strength to hold the glass. With twisted spider fittings, dome nuts will not be visible on find side glass. They are crafted in high quality SS 316 grade for longevity. Due to their great features and benefits, the product finds greater acceptance in many of the projects like the Maruti Suzuki Nexa showrooms across India.

Besides aesthetics, these stainless steel spider fittings have great strength, durability yet minimalistic in design to be able to hold the desired load without interfering with the look and interior aesthetic. Hence, these fittings need to be designed very meticulously and manufactured using superior quality material. Project heads should buy these fittings only from a reputed brand with valid certifications for the product application and quality.

Twisted Spider fittings for glass Facade
Twisted Spider fittings for Frameless Facade

Ozone offers a wider range of glass façade spider fittings in standard and customised designs. The range includes with fin spiders and without fin spiders, and each sub range comprises 04 way, 02 way (1800), 02 way (900) and 01 way spiders for the glass to glass and glass to wall / ceiling application. Façade spider accessories such as routels, splice plates and find plates, complete the range. Ozone also offers glass clamp glazing system for DGU façades. It is designed in a geometrical rhombus shape, hence named as Rhombus Spider and available in PSS & SSS finishes.

Facility and product design & development team enable it to offer customised solutions for glass façades. Over the years, it has gained experience and developed the capability to deliver all size projects. Ozone provides wideranging solutions under one roof for architectural building industry such as architectural glass fittings, door control devices, door hardware, automatic doors, customised railing systems, fire (exit) safety doors, clean room doors, urban street furniture, digital electronic safes, CCTV surveillance solutions, etc. It is evident from this collection that a project has advantage from Ozone to have multiple solutions under one roof for his building requirement. Like in case of Maruti Suzuki Nexa Showrooms, Ozone has supplied automatic sliding door systems for the majority of its showrooms across India. In these showrooms, other products of Ozone like wooden and glass door hardwares are also used.

For more details about Ozone and its products, visit www.ozone-india. com or send an enquiry at customercare@ ozone-india.com or call +91 9310012300.

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