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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

Weather-Resistant uPVC Profiles from Prominance


Prominence is one of the leading manufacturers of weather-resistant uPVC profiles in India. Their vision is to provide the best UPVC window systems with top-notch quality profiles, which are manufactured from the world’s finest grades of raw materials and surpassed all the desired standards and norms of UV resistance, mechanical properties and material characteristics.

A few key value propositions Prominance cater are as follows:

  • 20 Years warranty
  • Accreditations from the world’s top 3 testing institutions BSI – UK, SKZ – Germany and IFT – Germany
  • High UV resistance supported by scientific quantification of Delta-E value after simulation of 25000 hours @ 50GJ/M2 of irradiation i.e., beyond severe climate conditions and superseding the norms of EN standard to validate committed warranty clause of 20 years
  • EN 12608-1:2016 Compliance (weather resistance, mechanical properties and material properties and material characteristics)
  • Lead-free profiles – (RoHS compliance)
  • India’s largest capacity – Vertically integrated extrusion & fabrication facility with 1 Lakh Sq ft/month capacity
  • Formulation by the world’s finest raw materials – Imported from Europe’s Fortune 500 Companies
  • Certified by Green Building Council (Lead-free & hazard-free substances)
  • High gloss, superior white index and excellent surface finish

Prominence Windows performance competency is obtained on extreme wind load and water penetration test compliance from leading overseas laboratories. With multiple design flexibility, the brand provides an ultimate solution through a wide range of products for any versatile market demand. Prominence speciality windows come with superior laminates (High-performance exterior films) imported from Germany.

Prominence has a wide market presence of 350+ Channel partners across India and exports to 6 countries. With a certified sales & marketing team supported by zone wise service team, they have escalated our extrusion capacity by 50% in this financial year and strategically moved for further expansion from the current level of 11000 MT to 24000 MT/ Annum in the near future.

For more details on the company and its products:
Prominance uPVC Window Systems
Phone: 1800 833 4500

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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