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What Makes Commercial Aluminium Windows and Doors the Best Option for Commercial and Retail Applications?

By: Manish Bansal, Window Magic

For many people, making the transition from the old to the new way of life is difficult. They are accustomed to older homes, businesses, and commercial buildings with hardwood furniture and more conventional or classically designed doors and windows systems. They have not yet learned about the advantages of the most recent technology that has been created for use in business buildings, workplaces, and homes.

Here are some practical pointers and recommendations for contemporary and sustainable life.

Aluminium commercial windows

You should consider your windows and doors’ systems design to see whether it complements the existing design of your house, business, or other commercial spaces for something more streamlined and contemporary. We advise you to use commercial aluminium windows and door systems since they have the greatest designs for contemporary spaces. These are available in a variety of colours; choose carefully.

For instance, the traditional silver anodized aluminium finish looks fantastic in contemporary homes, workplaces, and commercial spaces. When coupled with equally neutral-colour window and door frames, traditional grey, white, or beige walls look fantastic. Selecting a traditional pearl white aluminium window system will give a room a clean, sharp appearance.

Darker wall colours like dark grey can be matched with sharp contrast and window frames in beige or cream rather than white. You may alternatively go with the traditional appearance of white against dark walls and roofs.

Usage of less energy

Choose the greatest energy-efficient glass options for your windows, and have them professionally fitted to guarantee there are no gaps in the seals if you want to get the most energy efficiency out of your house.

Best in Aesthetics:

Gone are the days when aluminium commercial door systems used to look all boring. New technology has taken these door systems to the next level and now you can choose any kind of aluminium door system to suit your commercial establishment’s interior decor. There are several alternatives available, including doors with graphics, images, or a matte surface. They are no longer the slender, fragile doors they once were.

Aluminium door systems are now more robust than ever and also help in elevating the overall aesthetics of the room by providing maximum space. Sliding aluminium doors are an option that will help you save a lot of room in your commercial building.

100% Recyclable

Aluminium is completely recyclable, and recycled aluminium has the same quality as new aluminium. It can therefore be reprocessed repeatedly. This is fantastic news for the supply of aluminium, especially given that the annual global demand for aluminium has increased.

With so much going for it, no wonder more and more people are choosing aluminium windows and door systems and curtain walling for both commercial and residential buildings.

Manish Bansal, Window Magic

Director & CEO

Having acquired a degree from the University of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom, Mr. Manish Bansal is the current CEO & Director of Window Magic, a leading uPVC brand in India, today. Manish is a successful business leader prospering in the building and construction equipment industry. He played a significant role in transforming Window Magic into a profitable venture. His clear vision, commitment to quality standards, market & consumer foresightedness added new insights to Window magic as a company. Manish carries a distinct expertise in global strategic management including development, expansion, and turnaround initiatives. His belief and understanding of future market trends have helped in popularizing uPVC & aluminium windows & doors system in India. Manish has successfully established a reputation of being a dynamic, visionary, and strategic leader of the industry.

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