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“I See that the Growth of the Fenestration Industry in the Next 2-3 Years till 2025 would be 5-7%”

By: Farid Khan, Profine India

Pre-COVID, things were pretty good in terms of business. During Covid, it was a very challenging time to do business, and everyone was very scared and there was a lot of unpredictability and uncertainty. During those three years, it was more about sustaining and being alive in terms of business and life. But, again, the human being is a very resilient race and everybody then picked themselves up and decided to get into the mainstream business.

The fenestration industry faced many struggles and many closedowns. Only a few big players were in good shape. Most of the MSEs and small entrepreneurs were struggling with their working capital. They were belligerent to keep their fixed cost expenses covered. So, it was quite challenging, but that’s all past. I would say that the year 2022 has been a very bright spot for the fenestration industry in terms of the growth of the Indian economy. India has been quite stable, even though Europe and other countries were suffering from recession because of the Ukraine-Russia war. In terms of business, I personally feel that all the good players who were having a good name in the market are almost at the same level as 2019 in business figures. In these 2-3 years, we also saw a rise in raw material prices.

Doors and windows are an integral part of any building
Doors and windows are an integral part of any building

So, the figures could have been inflated because the raw material prices were high. Since 6-7 months, the prices have dropped down and it is almost at the same level as in 2019. On behalf of uPVC and the aluminium industry, people are very excited that the business is growing up again after a long period of three years. I see that the growth in the next 2-3 years till 2025 would be 5-7%.

Sustainability is going to play a major part in this growing economy of India wherein we’ll have to think about human lives. How do we look for a cleaner and greener world? How do we look for a world which is full of energy? So sustainability is of par paradigm importance for Profine with the brand under Koemmerling. Our goal is to achieve the best possible in terms of sustainability in 2025. So we aim to reuse, recycle and use the techniques wherever carbon dioxide emission can be reduced.


I think the door and window business stands at approximately around 16-17 thousand crores. So, I feel, the growth will be 5-7% on a year-to-year basis. There are customers for aluminium and uPVC. About 4-5 years back, aluminium used to be an unorganised market. Now, with system suppliers stepping in, including brands like Koemmerling, AluPure etc., it is very organised, hence architects and end consumers accept them, and are confident about the quality while choosing the products.

Farid Khan, Profine India

Director and CEO

Farid Khan, Director and CEO, Profine India, has 24 years of experience in diverse industries serving in India and Middle East. He holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration with major in Marketing and Honours Degree in Chemistry. A guiding force to reckon with in uPVC windows and doors industry in India and has been instrumental in establishing the footprints of profine GmbH, one of world’s leading manufacturers of uPVC profiles for windows and doors by forming the Indian subsidiary and setting up of local state of the extrusion facility in Vadodara, Gujarat. Under his leadership profine India with its brand Koemmerling is having further exponential expansion plans. He is focusing in making India the hub for export opportunities due to its strategic geographical location.

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