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SoudaFrame SWI Intelligent Modular Pre-Frame for Windows


Soudal – a reputable manufacturer of high-quality products for insulation and sealing, has developed solutions for optimally sealing joints around windows. With SoudaFrame SWI, the company has introduced an intelligent modular pre-frame for the installation of windows with L-profiles that offers better energy efficiency results while also shortening the installation time. A good insulation layer is indispensable for meeting strict energy performance requirements. Windows are best fitted at/ level with the insulating layer for optimal thermal effectiveness. “A thicker insulation layer also usually results in better insulation values, but this also means that the distance between the window and the supporting wall is greater,” says product manager Steven Van Orshaegen.

The larger the overhang, the larger and stronger the metal window anchors have to be, or the more anchors need to be used. The raised presence of metal in the insulation layer also increases the thermal conductivity, which leads to an increased risk of thermal bridges. SoudaFrame SWI avoids this situation and guarantees a perfectly insulated and airtight window assembly while reducing installation time.

Intelligent Modular Window Installation System

SoudaFrame SWI (Soudal Window Installation) is an intelligent modular pre-frame with L-shaped profiles, highly suitable for external wall insulation systems (ETICS) and ventilated façade systems, where the interior wall is first built and only then is the insulation and façade finish completed. “SoudaFrame SWI is made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP), an extremely strong and lightweight material with a high load-bearing (up to almost 800 kg/m) and insulation capacity. When the window is installed in the insulation layer, the isotherms pass straight through the insulation and window, with considerably better scores for heat losses at the transition between wall and window (PSI values),” says Orshaegen.

Soudaframe SWI
With the pre-frame system selector, the user can easily choose the type of wall and insulation used in the project

The pre-frame, available in four sizes, can be assembled either in the workshop or on-site before being fitted as one part against the wall using a hybrid high tack adhesive. The initial grab of the adhesive is high enough to keep the frame-up. The installers then have their hands free to further fix the pre-frame with a number of bolts. Unique spring clips guarantee a uniform joint between pre-frame and window frame. Exactly how much product is needed to seal the window joints can be easily calculated before the start of project construction, thus reducing waste, lowering the cost and shortening the time of installation.

The biggest benefit of the SoudaFrame SWI is that the windows can already be manufactured, even before the walls are built. The pre-frame is madeto- measure to the dimensions of the windows and not the hole in the wall. An installation margin allows for a perfect alignment of all external joinery, even with an error margin of the wall of up to 2 cm. By using this product, the total building time of a project can be reduced by approx. 4 to 6 weeks. After the window frame has been directly screwed /fixated into the SoudaFrame SWI frame, the clips can be removed and the joint filled with Flexifoam, a flexible PU foam, and sealed with the liquid Soudatight membranes. All products of the Soudal Window System-range can be used in combination with the pre-frame.


Soudal has developed its own BIM application to simplify the cooperation between the different parties in the construction process. “At, the user can find a clear and always-up-todate library of BIM objects for the installation and sealing of external joinery,” explains Van Orshaegen. With the pre-frame system selector, the user can easily choose the type of wall and insulation used in the project, after which the possible solutions are visualised. With a simple click, the user can download all the necessary technical information, specifications texts and certificates. The sealing system selector allows to select the best suitable sealing system in the same way. This new system is available with McCoy Soudal in India.

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