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Trending Glass Door Designs in Architecture


Nowadays open design concepts are quite popular, with exteriors now becoming as essential as interiors, the use of glass lends a clean and sophisticated look to the home. Glass door designs add fluidity to space and offer an equally appealing view. They bring along with them a sense of ease, style, and elegance. So here we bring you trending glass door designs that add aesthetics to your space.

Types of Door Designs with Glass

Sliding Glass Doors-

Sliding glass doors are the most current trending glass door designs due to their natural flow of open style and aesthetic appeal. Sliding glass doors are space-saving, functional, easy to maintain, and look classy and elegant. Sliding glass doors are extremely versatile and can be used as glass patio doors, house interiors, roof terraces, or in modern balcony designs.

Sliding Glass Door Designs
Sliding Glass Door

This type of glass door design is an excellent idea for bathroom design as it keeps your shower area secluded and makes your bathroom look spacious. An elegant dining area concealed by double sliding glass doors in the wooden frame can create a small and cozy private space within your home

Sliding Glass Door Design
Sliding Glass Door Design

Glass Patio Doors-

Modern Glass patio doors will help enhance the architecture and style of your property by creating a stunning view from open space and connecting inside and out. These doors can keep out the elements of a harsh winter while still allowing you to enjoy the gentle warmth of the early morning sun.

Glass Patio Doors
Glass Patio Doors

Aluminum Glass Door-

Aluminium glass doors add a thrust of style and essence to the living room of the house. They blend perfectly with the industrial-style decor and exude elegance. They are easy to maintain and help save energy by reflecting sunlight and creating a classy look. These doors are available in a variety of colours and offer a durable finish and weatherproof qualities.

Aluminum Glass Door
Aluminum Glass Door

Arched Door Design-

The arched door design is becoming quite trendy with sleek framing and beautifully gilded glass giving a partial view of the room while maintaining adequate privacy.

Arched Door Design
Arched Door Design

Bi-fold Glass Door-

Bi-fold glass doors are made of a series of individual folding door panels, which like single-hinged doors can be framed or frameless. Bi-fold Doors provide more flexibility than single-hinge and French doors since they can be opened fully or partially. Moreover, they create the illusion of a larger interior as they don’t require structural posts. A bi-fold wooden framed glass door can redefine the beauty of your home.

Bifold Glass Door
Bi-fold Glass Door

French Glass Door-

French Glass Door consists of a pair of single-hinged doors that open away from each other. These types of glass doors are most commonly framed in timber, aluminium, PVC, or fibreglass. This door is the best option for exterior doors as well as balconies, giving an enchanting appearance to your home.

French Glass Door
French Glass Door

Frameless Glass Door –

The frameless glass door has a sleek design that makes it look spectacular and extravagant. This glass door is an ideal option for home offices. The see-through doors offer a seamless view of the interior and are a great addition to any modern area.

Frameless Glass Door
Frameless Glass Door

Tuffen Glass Door-

This elegant glass door type has an engraved design and is a popular choice for interiors as the glass allows sufficient light inside and provides privacy. The tuffen glass door design adds a contemporary feel and speaks volumes of modernization and beauty.

Tuffen Glass Door
Tuffen Glass Door

So, choose carefully the best type of glass door design that gives an instant style upgrade to your space.

Writer Credit: Ar. Jahnavi Malhotra


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