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UAE Opens a New Lab to Certify Fire Safety in the Construction Industry


Officials at the Intersec trade show in Dubai announced that UAE-based construction suppliers will have to have their products tested for fire safety at a new government lab.

The region’s first-of-its-kind laboratory will ensure the safety and quality of various products, building materials, and systems. By providing smart solutions, the laboratory will improve the procedures for protecting lives and property. Suppliers can have their products tested in a government lab to obtain an accreditation certificate.

The lab will conduct tests on products such as cladding material, electric cables, doors, decoration material, and paints. The lab will be the official party to issue a certificate in safety products and ensure that products meet the necessary safety and fire protection standards.

What will the lab test be in the construction industry?

Customised fire-testing

Fire resistance

Reaction to fire

Façade testing

Smoke/heat detector testing


Technical training

Inspection and auditing

Market surveillance

Research and statistics


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