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Best Facade Designs for Modern Houses


Modern House  design is like an intricate outer articulation to a space, which is well-designed. For a Modern house Facade, it becomes even more personal and subjective to stand out from the rest!

Any modern home is not just supposed to serve a purpose of being the best house design but also speak of uniqueness and reflect the users’ lifestyle in a way. The exteriors is therefore a great element to work and experiment with, both for owners and the Architect.

But, while designing a facade for a modern house design, it’s important to keep in mind a few things. While it should stand out in a particular locality, the facade’s design should also be functional and respond to ever-changing external conditions.

Not only should it protect the interior environment and the users but also respond to the surroundings and not harm it in any way. Here are some best facade designs for modern homes in the contemporary world of today!

Modern Front Facade Design 

Modern House Design Image by Bumiputra from Pixabay

While it is important to stand out from the other house designs in the locality, the facade design should also blend it in and look part of the same family. With simple and chic modern facade designs, the exteriors not only stand apart but give a very clean look to the building.

Play of Volume and Mass for Modern House Designs

Modern House Design Image by Cocoparisienne from Pixabay

Small modern house designs can often play with volumes and mass to play with minimalism, yet look really bold!

Green Roof Modern House Designs 

Modern Facade Design Image by Sutulo from Pixabay

Green roofs not just acts as an added design feature for modern facades for homes but also lower the temperature in interiors, hence saving on a lot of energy!

The Smart Modern House Design

Modern House Design Image by Thanks for your Like • Donations welcome from Pixabay

With modern intelligence at its aid, one can use innovative shutters to shut the polluting exteriors to barge in!

Material Rich Modern Facade

Modern House Design Image by Giovanni Gargiulo from Pixabay

Different combinations to come up with clean modern facades, like concrete and class or corrugated steel, glass and concrete can be a perfect concoction for a modern house design. One can also experiment with bamboo, wood panels and stone work or play with brick to create interesting and rustic patterns for a perfect modern house design.

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