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Digital Construction Technology Adding Value to Building Performance


A strong wave of digitization is sweeping through all kinds of industries in today’s era. The construction and engineering industry is also one of them. In the design field specifically, digital aid has entered at every level. From conceptual design to material and construction to even maintaining the building, construction technology is making a mark in today’s modern digital construction techniques.

Trending Digital Construction Techniques :

Generative Design :

Acoustic Ceiling Design

We humans are creative and can empathize, think and execute. But at a time, a human brain can conceive only 5-6 variables. Generative Design, with the use of algorithms and parameters that mimic nature’s approach to design, can generate combinations that were not even humanly possible, are optimized and therefore sustainable! This trend, in the construction industry, is to look out for.

Augmented Reality :

AR Construction Technology

AR means not a completely virtual environment but a partially rendered one. This technology in the digital construction industry helps overlay the real world with the augmented one. Which means information on detailing out tasks, safety alerts and other support for the construction workers.

Not just that, AR also helps optimize and identify problems that cannot be identified on paper. This means a great aid for improving speed and accuracy for construction technologies, material usage and much more.

Drones :

Drone Construction Technology

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles which have many applications. In the construction industry, it has been a great aid for surveys and on-ground safety. During construction, it sometimes becomes difficult to survey hard to reach or dangerous areas. Drones can be used to map these areas, which otherwise gets delayed because of human intervention. These can even keep map changes in the project and track any real-time errors which can help us fasten the construction process.

Robotics :

Robots Construction Technique

Digital Construction as an industry has a huge intervention with the use of robotics! These mini builders can even build, using 3-D printers, depositing material in layers. This construction technology will not only help find accurate ways to construct but also reform the construction techniques and materials. Another use of robotics in digital construction is to retrofit buildings by applying insulating materials between the floorboards/plinths and the foundation.

The digital construction industry does not limit itself to just these examples. Many more advanced construction trends have been following and shaping the way we look at the construction world.

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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