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Keep Your House Thermally Insulated By Choosing Best Fenestration Solutions

By: Manish Bansal, Window Magic

Summer is not only the time for relaxation and spending quality time with family and friends, but it is also the time of year when several people find it difficult to create a comfortable and cool indoor environment. The Thermal Insulation property is actually just as important during the summers as it is when the temperature drops. It helps preserve cool and conditioned air during the hottest days of the year.

A well-insulated house demands little additional heating and cooling. How much money can be saved by insulating home depends on different factors like the type of insulation and the size of the house. Moreover, depending on how long-standing a house is, it is essential to incorporate more insulation measures.

The good thing is that, no planning or permission is required for implementing insulation measures and in return, they will eventually pay back, so, it is a wise investment.

Experience Unique Thermal Properties

A high-performance uPVC material outperforms the alternatives in thermal ratings. uPVC is a natural insulator that seals cool air inside your building structure. The windows and doors made from eco-friendly materials like uPVC, always keep the heat outside the building with the help of their unique thermal insulation properties. Such materials are known for increasing thermal resistance up to 94%, which means less reliance on air conditioning units and heaters to maintain a level of comfort inside the home.

Doors & Windows - Thermal Insulation uPVC Doors & Windows

The uPVC material-equipped windows and doors hold an upper edge with their heat transition coefficient (U-value), which is proven to be appropriate for homes and offices. With proper designing and execution, they tap the thermal insulation capabilities. Along with the added benefits of reducing energy costs, these fenestration solutions also contribute to a more sustainable environment.

In addition, uPVC products are supported by a host of environmental, technical and economical credentials, which makes them a key part of cost-effective thermal insulation for your home.

Improve Existing Thermal Insulation Standards

Most people are becoming conscious of the multiple benefits of thermal insulation. Thermal insulation contributes drastically to the lower consumption of electricity and thus keeps the ambience serene while protecting other building elements from the weather.

Over 25% of the heat from home and public buildings escape through windows. So, with the rising cost of energy and increasing environmental awareness, more emphasis than ever is being placed on ways to save energy in all types of domestic, commercial and public buildings.

Doors & Windows - Thermal Insulation
Heat Resistant Door

Government regulations specifying minimum requirements for the energy efficiency of new buildings are gradually constricted. At the same time, the emphasis is being placed on the importance of improving existing thermal insulation standards. The compulsion for thermal insulation in refurbishments such as replacement windows has also been tightened.

By replacing other counterparts with thermally insulated uPVC windows and doors, the amount of energy loss can be reduced up to 75% and bills can be lowered up to 20% each year. Thermal insulation is an important component of a house or workplace. It not only keeps the air at a comfortable and consistent temperature, but good insulation keeps energy bills low. If you are planning to install thermally insulated windows in your home, then consider these below-mentioned advantages:

Energy Saving :

Thermal insulation prevents the transfer of warm heat from the inside to the outside and vice versa. In this way, less energy is required for maintaining the desired temperature in the room.

Reduced Costs :

Efficient energy use leads to reduced costs because no entry of cold/heat is allowed from the outside, and no extra energy is required to allow a constant temperature flow.

Environmentally Friendly :

Climate change is still a major threat to our world. With the right insulation, you can reduce the use of excessive energy, which in turn reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Conclusion :

You should choose the best insulation material in order to achieve optimum thermal resistance to enjoy all the advantages of thermal insulation for your project. During the installation stage, you should pay close attention to ensure longevity and performance over the lifetime of the insulation material.

Manish Bansal, Window Magic

Director & CEO

Having acquired a degree from the University of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom, Mr. Manish Bansal is the current CEO & Director of Window Magic, a leading uPVC brand in India, today. Manish is a successful business leader prospering in the building and construction equipment industry. He played a significant role in transforming Window Magic into a profitable venture. His clear vision, commitment to quality standards, market & consumer foresightedness added new insights to Window magic as a company. Manish carries a distinct expertise in global strategic management including development, expansion, and turnaround initiatives. His belief and understanding of future market trends have helped in popularizing uPVC & aluminium windows & doors system in India. Manish has successfully established a reputation of being a dynamic, visionary, and strategic leader of the industry.

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