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Tips & Tricks to Consider While Selecting the Right Kind of Hardware


What are the criteria for the selection of architectural hardware for facades and fenestrations?

The selection criteria of the Architectural hardware for façades and fenestration are profoundly based on its visual aspects like color, texture, finish, overall built quality, and aesthetics of the hardware. The hardware can be concealed or visible, but should not disturb the overall design of the building. High-quality, durable, and visually appealing hardware systems tend to complement the design of the building fabulously, giving it the eccentric look.

Selecting the Right Kind of Hardware
                                         Aesthetics and design compatibility performance of doors and windows

Further, the consumer can take the following tips and tricks under consideration while selecting the right kind of hardware:

Aesthetics and design compatibility performance – Remember less is always more!

Weight and height of doors & windows

Wind pressure

Integrated security features

Easy installation

Low maintenance

Corrosion resistance

The span of windows/doors

Height of the building

Acoustical properties

The performance of building windows and doors, While Selecting the Right Kind of Hardware
The performance of building windows and doors, related to air and water intrusion is critical

What are the tests and test methods for deciding the quality of hardware used in windows and doors, and facades?

The materials have to undergo various tests before presenting or launching them in the market. Some of these tests are:

Water penetration

Air pressure difference

Air infiltration

Thermal break testing

Structural load

Seismic test and

Safety guidelines

These tests are primarily performed to meet the requirements for all Architectural hardware materials before being launched to ensure both quality and assurance to consumers of the products, high-quality materials and to provide a comfortable home or office. These tests help in checking the exact condition that the façade would face. These tests are extremely important for all architectural hardware for maintenance of overall quality.

quality of doors and windows to select the best hardware for facades
                                            Various standards have been established for ensuring the quality of doors and windows

What are the various testings done to check the noise, air infiltration, and water penetration?

The performance of building windows and doors, related to air and water intrusion is critical in maintaining the life-cycle of a building and managing the costs over time.

Under the European norms, a specific test is done while states three main parameters namely water tightness, air infiltration, and wind pressure. These tests are conducted by reputed labs. Air and water penetration testing determines whether the material is vulnerable to air and water resistance or effective.

Another type of testing that has proven to be useful is penetration testing which means the testing of a system to find its vulnerabilities (of the material).

A project by AND Studio to select the best hardware for facades
                                          A project by AND Studio and the detailing of windows

Please tell us about the standards (certifications) one should look for while buying hardware for windows and doors.

Innovative-designs for facades
Innovative designs as per customer requirements

Various standards have been established for ensuring the quality of doors and windows. Some of them are as follows:

IS 4021

ISO/TC 162

BS EN 7412:2007

In all buildings, architectural hardware plays a massive role and it should be of more importance to check compliance with these standards.

According to the global standards, these are generally divided into ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and EN (European Norms) Standards. But there are various methods to know the quality and standards of any particular hardware such as performance and fire tests like ANSI, Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA), UL (Underwriters Laboratories), EN Standards, and CE Marking (ConformitéEuropéene for European Economic Area).


What are the key safety parameters to look for selecting hardware?

A correct safety balance needs to be maintained to ensure the best selection of hardware. Following are a few that can be considered for the same:

International standards for hardware should be considered for any location and application

Hardware should be fire resistant or retardant to safeguard from any accidents, mishaps, or damage

The material used should be reliable, consistent, and tested against extreme conditions

It can also be made sure the company for such hardware purchase is already ISO certified,

which means that the products are already evaluated and are proven to be of international standard.

Consideration should also be given to design and architecture, reliability, support systems, hardware specifications, product development, testing, and maintenance of the product.

A door at AND Studio
            A door at AND Studio

Is the hardware imported from other countries suitable for Indian weather and geographical conditions, especially for coastal areas?

Various architectural designs are curated with different materials of input. For instance, a door with the right hardware serves the purpose, without it, the door is merely a plank of wood.

Another example could be stainless steel, which is the most corrosion-resistant metal common in coastal architecture.

The right kind of hardware such as hinges, door closers, handles, locks, and accessories, when installed, provides the true functionality of assembly, operation, security, and convenience to a door or a window.

Hence, according to the properties of the material and their usage against such weather, the material should be chosen carefully for its reliability, technical performance, aesthetic appeal, and value for money.

Do you find it difficult to get quality hardware for a reasonable price in the Indian market?

The Indian market has a plethora of products for architects for satisfying different customer requirements.

Many good quality hardware manufacturers/importers are making their products available in the country with a wide range of products according to the budget of the customer. Further many customized designs are also available as the customer desires.

Modern hardware manufacturing is very innovative with new equipment and processes, enabling better materials, coatings, and finishes such as PVD / shining chrome. The market is now exploring many new developments, for instance, the production of zinc has grown three times over the last few years. Zinc die-cast, aluminum, and brass production are also seeing high growth since the last few years.

Hence depending on the budget of the client, many possibilities can be curated.

Ar. Love Choudhary

Principal Architect, AND Studio

Ar. Love Choudhary is a Principal Architect of AND Studio.

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