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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

The Rise in Automation Should be Adopted Along with the Stringent Standards of Manufacturing


What are the criteria for the selection of Architectural hardware for façades and fenestrations?

Corner slider in windows and doors

With a change emerging in the trends now and then, it is very important to keep the beauty and art inculcated in the designs, in accordance with the ergonomics involved in making of façades and fenestrations, and keeping these in mind, the durability also carries a salient role. A combination of these factors should be involved while selecting architectural hardware for façades and fenestrations. The hardware can be said to be the face of the brand, so it should complement the windows & doors in such a way that the features of products get enhanced.

Lack of standardization of window and door systems considering the design approach is one of the major challenges faced by the hardware industry. Do you agree with it? What is the solution?

Sliding window in Architectural hardware

With every company developing their innovative designs to make a presence in the market, they make the hardware difficult to copy, also making the hardware more expensive at the same time. To combat this, standardization of window and door systems in accordance with the design approach needs to be integrated.

This will help the hardware industry to develop a standard of shelf architectural hardware that would be easily available, and cost-effective at the same time.

What are the tests and test methods for deciding the quality of hardware used in windows and doors, and façades?

Everyone would want their windows and doors to have a long-lasting endurance and the performance quality should also be sustained for a longer period of time. To make sure of this perspective, the endurance test and performance sustainability cycle test are a few of the main tests to keep a check on the quality offered. To make sure the aesthetics also stay young for a longer period of time, tests like the salt spray test, peel-off test, and scratch resistance test are the benchmark for maintaining good quality.

Casement door in selection of Architectural hardware

What are the key safety parameters to look for while selecting hardware?

Safety plays a key role whilst selecting hardware. To make sure that the safety is in line with the aesthetics offered, the designs are made in such a way that it complements the security involved in hardware as well. After safety concerns, durability is something that should be incorporated in selecting the best hardware. One needs to make sure that the serviceability offered should be of the best quality. Service capabilities involve presence, response time, and being there for the customer at the need of the hour.

Is the hardware imported from other countries suitable for Indian weather and geographical conditions, especially for coastal areas?

Teak - Luxury range door in of Architectural hardware
                         Teak – Luxury range door

Usually, the hardware imported from other countries would be suitable for the application and would provide sustainability too as per the geographical conditions of India, except in coastal region, where only SS hardware are preferred as they are more sustainable in coastal areas due to its anti-corrosion properties.

Do you find it difficult to get quality hardware for a reasonable price in the Indian market?

Mass production is directly proportional to better prices. Indian manufacturers need to be conscious in regards to the quality they are providing to consumers.

The rise in automation should be adopted along with the following stringent standards of manufacturing to make sure the quality and quantity both are in line with international standards and the prices offered in this way would be reasonable.

Y.P. Singh

Head - Technology, Fenesta Building Systems

Y.P. Singh is the Head of Technology at Fenesta Building Systems.

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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