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What is the Need for Sustainability in Design?


Sustainability in design is a very important factor in preserving the environment and restoring the ecological balance which is getting affected by pollution, construction, cutting down of trees and deforestation. With the economic progress across the globe there becomes an increased need of construction of big homes and offices with a high lifestyle. This results in the use of lot of energy, increased emission of carbon dioxide and pollution which creates a lot of pressure on the planet.

The main goals of a sustainable design are –

  • The preservation and conservation of water.
  • Making the buildings energy efficient.
  • Creating a very comfortable indoor environment which shall enhance the health, well-being and work efficiency of the occupants.
  • Maximum sunlight and minimum glare should enter the buildings.
  • Reduction of environmental pollution during construction.
  • Use of environmentally friendly materials and recyclable materials for construction.

A sustainable design aims to achieve a balance between the built and the unbuilt along with the well-being of the humans and Planet earth. We as the human race have to consciously progress so that we leave behind a planet which is suitable for the next generations to come.

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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